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What exactly is Shiloh and what should you expect when you visit with us?

Thinking about visiting or new to Shiloh?

We know it is hard... Visiting a church for the first time... You never know what to expect, what are you walking into and who will you encounter. Churches are very diverse organizations and it is hard to know what to expect when you visit a church. Our goal with this page is to help you know what to expect. When you come to Shiloh you can expect to feel a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You will also feel welcomed for who you are, not who anyone expects you to be. Many people who visit our church comment on how diverse we are. We do our best to make everyone feel welcome and like part of the family. 

First of all, you need to know when we meet! We know that the first experience that most people try out in the Sunday Morning Service. We meet at 10:30 am in our main worship center on Sundays. When you come visit with us, don't worry about dressing up (unless you feel more comfortable that way). We are a very casual church and welcome you to come as you are. Most of our members dress very casual (jeans, shorts, t-shirts), some choose to dress up. What you wear is not important, we just would love to have you visit.

Our church family loves music and we embrace a wide range of music. We have a praise band which leads us in the newest praise and worship music on Sunday mornings along with some of our favorite hymns from the past. 

The focal point of our worship services is, of course, the word of God. Our pastor, Charles Owens, is in the process of taking our congregation through the entirety of God’s word. We believe that by taking the people of God through the Bible, word by word, verse by verse, book by book; the people of God are equipped for every life circumstance.

At our Sunday Services we take an offering. This is an act of worship for our church family. We have 2 ways to give: Either by coming forward to drop in a basket and spend time in prayer at the altar or the plate is passed as well so that you can remain in your seat. Giving is another way for us to show our appreciation for all that the Lord has done, but please understand that you do not have to give. As a guest, we are just happy that you are joining us for worship!

An important part of our time of worship is the invitation time. What is an invitation? It is a time for decision… A time for reflection… At the invitation, we invite people to take action with their faith. This is an opportunity to join with our church body in a number of ways: Profession of Faith/Baptism, Transfer of Letter, Statement of Faith. Also, this is a great time for rededication or sharing calls to the ministry. Finally, this is a great time if you are needing counseling or prayer about circumstances in your life. A little nervous about coming forward? No worries, you can also join the church through this online form!

Do you have children ages ages 5-5th grade? We have Children’s church. Our children’s church program seeks to take the children through the entirety of God's word on a level they can grasp. They have great music and a time of Bible Study. You can be assured that this is not a time of games, but real worship on their level!

Lastly, we have a well-equipped nursery and loving staff. You can feel comfortable leaving your infant or child in the nursery. If at any time you are needed you will have a personal nursery pager that will vibrate, so that you can respond to if you are needed. When you arrive just ask one of our greeters to direct to the nursery.