Shiloh Small Groups

Find your place in this community of faith!

There are a variety of ways to get involved at Shiloh! We have classes for every age group and every place in life at Shiloh and we are launching something brand new for our family of faith... Community Small Groups! Information is posted below on all of these offerings.

Community Small Groups

Registration for the winter semester of small groups is now closed. The spring semester will begin in April and registration will open up at the beginning of March. We had a very successful start to our winter semester and we look forward to launching a new group or two for the spring semester!

The small group leader will contact you with the address and other relevant information.

Your registration indicates a 3 month commitment to your group.

Please read the following small group covenant before registering. Your registration will indicate that you agree to the entirety of the covenant...

• Priority: While we are in this group, we will give the group meetings priority over life events that are non-emergency.

• Participation: Everyone is encouraged to participate in our group discussions, and no one is given permission to dominate. We will commit to the assigned reading/projects during the next 3 months.

• Respect: Everyone is given the right to his or her own opinions, and all questions are encouraged and respected.

• Confidentiality: Anything that is said in our meetings is never repeated outside the meeting without permission.

• Care and Support: Permission is given to call upon each other at any time, especially in times of crisis. The group will provide care for every member.

• Accountability: We agree to let the members of our group hold us accountable to commitments we make in whatever loving ways we decide upon. At the same time, giving unsolicited advice is not permitted.

• Ministry: We will encourage one another to volunteer to serve in a ministry and to support missions work by giving financially and/or personally serving

• Conflict Resolution: We agree to handle any and all conflicts within the group according to Matthew 18:15-17

Classes for Summer 2018

4 Classes for Summer 2018!

* Jimmy Giers Class - Saturdays at 5:00 pm - Bi-Weekly - At the Giers Home. Material: Tactics (Open)

* J.R. Dilbeck Class - Sundays at 5:00 pm - Bi-Weekly - At the Dilbeck Home. Material: Raising Kingdom Children/Marriage (Open)

* Jeff Albright Class - Tuesdays at 7:00 pm - Weekly - At the Chapel. Material: Bible Q&A (Open)

* Chris Wimberly Class - Saturdays at 5:00 Pm - Bi-Weekly - At the Wimberly's Home. Material: Raising Godly Children (Open and Starting June 16)

Please register for Small Groups Using the Form Below...

Sunday Morning Classes

In addition to Children and Youth Classes we offer classes for the following groups:

College and Young Adult

Men Only

Women Only

Newly and Nearly Married

Young Couples

Adults with teen Children

Empty Nesters

Co-ed Mixed Age

Senior Adult Classes

Sunday Night Classes

In addition to Children and Youth Classes we offer classes for the following groups:

Walk through the Bible with the Pastor

Women's Bible Study